North Nashville

Marathon Village: Updated Renderings Of Residential Development Near Fisk.

Renderings Courtesy of 2PA

The yet to be named 1501 Herman Street, is the product of a recent land sale by Fisk University. The land, which was previously a vacant lot, will now offer modern luxury apartments. 1501 Herman Street will also serve as a catalyst for an area where the available land consist of underutilized industrial warehouses and railroad tracks.

Previous images of this development showed a more modern but subdued architecture. The new architecture, which is more akin to nearby Germantown, could set a precedent for the type of character to expect in adjacent developments.

Comparison of the Previous Renderings vs. the Current Design

In the early1900’s, Marathon Village was a cluster of buildings that formerly housed Marathon Motor Works along Clinton street. Today, it is a strip of distilleries, music venues, and Nashville-Centric shops frequented by tourist. Although it appears that Marathon Village itself will stay intact; nearly every parcel surrounding it is slated for redevelopment. That would make Marathon Village more than just a tourist destination but the center of expanded development in the neighborhood.

Here is the rundown and construction photos of 1501 Herman Street:

1501 Herman Street

  • What’s Now: Vacant Lot
  • What’s Next: Residential Development
  • Developer: Alpha Capital Partners, LLC
  • Capacity: 314 Units & Parking Structure
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Cost: $3Million Real Estate Transaction – According to Metro Documents

View of the Development along Herman Street.

Here are expanded images of the three sections along Herman Street.

View along 16th Ave N.

View along 14th Ave N.

Be sure to follow for more updates on this and other Nashville developments!

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