Nations North Nashville

TSU: Mixed-Use Development Resurfaces Between Tennessee State University & The Nations.

The west end of Tennessee State University’s campus (TSU) sits right at the edge of the Nations. TSU is also is bordered by prime riverfront land along the Cumberland river. It’s also important to note that in the Nations, nearly every available parcel has been developed or transferred ownership for future development. That makes for a natural progression of development along the vacant riverfront land.

The resurfaced Development is in the early stages of design. However, it appears that the new submission will be residential in lieu of artisan manufacturing per the previous 2018 submission. Some of the artisan manufacturing offerings (in the 2018 submission) included co-working spaces, workshops, meeting space, pop-up retail and member kitchenettes. I was not able to find any new documents filed with Metro just yet on the new submission. However, the following is a look back at what was previously slated for this site. This should bring more context to the progression of the development.


In 2018, an application was submitted to Metro by Nashville Outdoor Storage, LLC to construct 4 buildings on the site located on Dr. Walter S Davis Blvd:

  • Building 1: Offered 2 Floors for Commercial Event Space & Banquet Hall
  • Buildings 2 – 4: Primarily served as Artisan Manufacturing with space allocated for retail, warehouse and other accessory uses.
  • The development also provided 296 Surface Parking spaces, Greenspaces, & Boardwalk to the riverfront.

Previous Site Plan showing the 4 buildings. All images via York Development.

Previous 3D Renderings showing potential access to the Cumberland riverfront.

A look at the previous building facades per the previous Metro filing.

More to follow on this topic in the coming weeks…

This content would likely not be available to most people without paying for a subscription to a major publication; although this is all public information. I will continue to research & post additional content as I find it.  I really appreciate the increased viewership, please continue to share and follow. Also, if you have leads on additional information or would like me to feature something, feel free to email me!




  1. History: This site was an animal rendering plant in the old days. The neighbors called it the “stanky plant.” The major gasoline supply pipeline that runs along the riverbank apparently goes right through the property. The lower part of the property definitely floods. Down by the river was a big medical waste dump that was cleared up several years ago.
    I talked briefly to Planning and they said the planning report was 100 pages, so I guess they have all these things figured out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for that tidbit of info, def something to look into. Brownfield site development is a pretty common thing nowadays. Hopefully the remediation efforts would be a step in improving the years of poor conditions.


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