Nations: Peg Leg Porker Property Starts Construction; Rebranded As Bringle’s Smoking Oasis.

Happy New Year! Preliminary work has started on a new Smokehouse in the Nations. The Owner of Peg Leg Porker in the Gulch is opening a new Smokehouse concept in the former U.S. Autocraft building. The construction method follows the trend of adaptive re-use of existing buildings in the Nations. There is, however, a small addition on the main structure for new restrooms as well as a new brick fence that will surround the establishment.

View East on Centennial Blvd. adjacent to
Broadstone Nations

Permits were issued in November 2020 and included a sidewalk waiver with conditions. The conditions luckily will maintain sidewalks on all three sides of the triangular shaped property. However, the Owner can either replace the sidewalks on Louisiana Ave. to match current code or pay into the fund. It also didn’t address the the absence of intermediate cross walks on Centennial Blvd.

This location is bordered by 3 new residential developments which total nearly 800 units. It is also well within walking distance for hundreds of existing residents. The map below shows the proximity to the 3 new residential developments.

I created the diagrams below to further illustrate the scope of work. I did this using my photos and paired it with the Architect’s drawing elevations. More updates to follow as the construction progresses.

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