Wedgewood Houston Zoning

BZA Recommends Approval Of Variances For WeHo Site Near Fairgrounds.

The Owner of the property located at 1425 4th Ave S, requested a special exception from front and rear setbacks and sky plane restrictions. This is to make way for a new mixed-use building to replace the current vacant warehouse. Last week the BZA recommended the approval of the requested variances.

Based on the detail of the renderings, it appears that the development is approaching the design development phase. More importantly, the Architect in this scenario has an opportunity to set a design precedent for this section of 4th Ave S. This development will join the planned Weho Crossing across the street as well as “The Pitch” at the end of the road on Ensley Blvd. Even more exciting is how walkable it will be to the Nashville Super Speedway & Nashville SC Stadium. Here is the quick rundown:

1425 4th S

  • What’s Now: Vacant Warehouse
  • What’s Next: Mixed Use Development
  • Owner: Mad Dog Investments LLC
  • Capacity: Residential, Retail, & On Parking
  • Architect: Centric Architecture
  • Status: Design Development
  • Cost: $2.1 Million Real Estate Transaction: Located in a Qualified Qpportunity Zone.

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