North Nashville

Construction Progress: Thrive At City Heights

Construction is progressing at Thrive at City Heights, located on Clifton Avenue in North Nashville. In early 2019, the development was coined “Crave at City Heights”, however, based on the latest filings it is now “Thrive”. Designed by EOA, Thrive is a high-design mixed-use development that sits at the corner of Clifton Avenue & 27th Ave N. The units are very well thought out and will bring next level multi-family living to the area. The 1st floor of the development activates this section of street with retail throughout. The next two floors provide nicely sized units while the penthouse level units are more than substantial. There are also balconies and terraces attached to the units as well as common use rooftop. Here is the quick rundown:

Thrive At City Heights

  • What’s Now: Previously Single Family Homes
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: E3 Construction Services
  • Location: 2706 Clifton Avenue
  • Capacity: 28 Residential Units , Amenities & Retail
  • Status: Under Construction – Carter Group LLC*
  • Cost: $2.3Million Real Estate Transaction

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