Chestnut Hill Wedgewood Houston

Development Adds More Than 400 Multi-Family Units Near Trax/Fairgrounds.

WeHo Crossing (shown above) is a planned office development sandwiched between Weho & Chestnut Hill. The development is an adaptive reuse of the former Grooms Engines structure. However, an application was filed this week to construct a multifamily development with commercial offices and live/work space. The proposed project covers the parking lot and much of the existing structure shown above.

Here is the quick rundown:

  • What’s Now: Grooms Engines Building
  • What’s Next Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: MTP-1414 4th Ave South, LLC
  • Architect: EOA Architects/Manuel Zeitlin Architects
  • Location: 1414 4th Ave S
  • Capacity: 411 Units, Office, Live/Work, Parking, & Amenities.
  • Status: Zoning
  • Cost: $9.3 Million Real Estate Transaction: Located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone

Designed by EOA & Manuel Zeitlin Architects, the development is primarily bordered between 4th Ave S and Carney Street. In addition, there is a second structure also on Carney Street which currently serves as overflow parking for the longtime LGBT bar Trax. The development is also minutes from the Nashville Fairgrounds.

The primary structure consists of residential units, a courtyard, pool, and parking structure. The Grooms Engine building is now proposed as a mixed use/amenity area. The secondary structure consists of residential units, rooftop terrace, live/workspace, and a commercial amenity space.

This triangular section along 4th Ave S has seen a lot of activity in the past few months. This development brings the total number of multifamily units in the triangle to 519. The amount of office/retail space will vary until the developments are finalized.

Below are the two other developments planned along this section of 4th Ave S.

Be sure to check back for updates on this and other developments in and around Nashville!

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