Downtown / Gulch

ESa Architects Creates Instant Icon With Tower Additions At Gulch Site.

A request was filed this week for an overall height modification on properties located at 701 7th Avenue South and 8th Avenue in the Gulch. The request would allow for an additional three floors for a total of 20 floors for the Vorhees Residential Tower 2.

Designed by ESa, the development includes the historic preservation of the both the Vorhees and Antiques buildings and the addition of Tower 2. The overall development will create a pedestrian experience with activated alleyways with outdoor dining, elevated plazas, as well as covered walkways with outdoor dining and retail.

Here is the quick rundown and featured components of the filing:

  • What’s Now: Industrial Use/Warehouse (Tower 2 Site)
  • Whats Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: Somera Road
  • Capacity: TBD
  • Location: 701 7TH AVE S
  • Architect: ESa
  • Status: Zoning
  • Cost: $12Millon Real Estate Transaction

Here is a look at the Vorhees renovation and the relationship to the Tower.

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