Deep Dive: How The Massive 2nd & Peabody Towers Will Activate An Entire City Block.

Development Updated:

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A request was filed last week for an overall height modification located at multiple parcels along 2nd Ave S between Lea Ave & Peabody Street. Located within the Rutledge Hill Redevelopment District (2.12 acres), the request is to permit a total height of 38 stories for one tower and 34 stories for the other.

Here is the quick rundown:

Second & Peabody

  • What’s Now: Warehouse/Office
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: The Congress Group
  • Location: 511 2nd Ave S
  • Capacity: Office, Hotel, Retail, Parking with Amenities.
  • Architect: Gresham Smith Architects
  • Status: Zoning
  • Cost: Multiple Parcels; Reference Metro Documents

Designed by nationally ranked Gresham Smith Architects, the tower on Lea Ave is proposed as a hotel & residential mixed-use building. The tower along Peabody Street is proposed as a hotel & office mixed-use building. Here is a breakdown of the image above:

  • Purple – Hotel With Pool
  • Yellow – Residential With Pool
  • Orange – Hotel
  • Blue – Office
  • Red – Retail

The development is bordered by Lea Ave & Peabody Street on the North & South and 2nd & 3rd Avenue S on the East & West. Here is the deep dive per street:

Overall Site Egress & Improvements

Second & Peabody consists of underground parking topped by street level retail and courtyards above. The street is level also activated by accessible open public spaces. Hotel rooms rise above the retail spaces and are capped by either office or residential. Here are some of the proposed public space plans.

View Along 2nd Avenue South

This stretch of the development includes easement improvements as well as activation of the street with retail. 2nd Avenue South also provides access into the public plaza.

View Midway on Second Ave S

2nd Ave S & peabody Street

This corner of the development includes improvements to easements on Peabody Street with access to the office & hotel lobbies.

3rd Ave S & Peabody Street

This corner of the development includes improvements to easements as well as activation of Peabody Street & 3rd Avenue South with retail. Given the lower elevation, it also provides access to the courtyards and lobbies using vertical circulation (elevators & stairs).

Corner of 3rd Ave S & Lea Avenue

This corner of the development includes improvements to easements as well as activation of Lea Avenue & 3rd Avenue South with upper & lower level retail. It also provides access to the lobbies and the Hotel Porte Cochere & Rideshare.

Be sure to follow for more on this and other Developments in and around Nashville!


  1. Robert – Helpful, but even more helpful would be to review the current zoning and the rationale for it already in place.This development is requesting a variance of not one of two floors but over 30 floors. Being up on Rutledge Hill these two would appear to be the tallest buildings in the city from any of the highways coming into the city. These two towers would be ginormous structures compared to anything in the neighborhood. Its 300% jump would, de facto, be re-writing code. Such proposals need more vetting by more people so the city doesn’t begin look even more haphazard. The roadway infrastructure around that area is not designed for such an influx of people. There is a certain sense of privilege and audacity by wealthy out-of-towners whose mess they will never have to clean up. There are zoning codes for good reason; that is to see if what is proposed adds continuity, symmetry and harmony to the city and each neighborhood. -Bruce.


    1. That’s good feedback. Part of what I aim to do is just present the information as objectively as possible. There is more development slated within this section of the Downtown overlay which is of a similar scale. I think the transition between higher scale and lower structures is something the planning commission reviews prior to approving. It’s a work in progress but I almost have enough information to start showing how these cardinal developments coexist with existing and planned developments.


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