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Added Context To The Massing Of Novel Belle Meade at Lion’s Head Site.

In an application filed in early January 2021, a request was made to rezone from SCC (Shopping Center Community) to SP (Specific Plan) zoning for a portion of property located at 40 White Bridge Pike. About 375 feet west of Post Place and located within a Commercial Planned Unit Development Overlay District (3.50 acres), the permit would allow for a mixed-use development. This request prompted the massing and site plans included throughout this post by Barge Cauthen & Associates.

The development is in the preliminary design phase which typically doesn’t show much architectural detail.  However, the images below provide insight into some of the themes that will go into the actual design. Based on what is submitted it speaks to 3 major themes: ‘Urban Mansion’ – Belle Meade Formal ,’The Back Yard’ – Casual Nashville Charm, and ‘Outdoor Rooms’ – Lush Side yards.

Here is the quick development rundown:

  • What’s Now: Vacant (Formerly Stein Mart)
  • What’s Next: Proposed Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: SGC Lion’s Head LLC – (Owner)
  • Location: 40 White Bridge Pike
  • Capacity: TBD
  • Architect: Barge Cauthen & Associates
  • Status: Zoning

Here is a summary of what was filed in the application. I have added context to the drawings submitted in the application. Please note that the additional context is unsolicited. NashvilleNowNext.com is not affiliated with the Development. The added context is to provide awareness to those who may live near or interact with the development.

South – View Facing White Bridge Pike

The south facade of the development includes egress from the parking garage as well as the lobby/leasing shown in the darker orange color. It’s not clear from the plan if this is a one way or bi-directional entrance into the garage. It’s also worth noting that the trailhead for the Richland Creek Greenway will extend to the front of the building. It currently ends at the edge of the parking lot behind the former Stein Mart.

The development takes up approximately 2/3 of the front parking lot of the former Stein Mart, with the new building structure. This is shown in the picture below highlighted in yellow. There are also infrastructure improvements to all sides of the development.

East – View Facing Trader Joe’s

The exposed portion of the parking garage faces Trader Joe’s along Lions Head Village access drive. It also has a point of egress for vehicles from the parking garage. There is a section of the building that extends behind Trader Joe’s and backs up to the existing landscape buffer.

Here is the existing buffer mentioned above. Per the documents it is also a gas easement. The development does not appear to encroach the existing landscape buffer. However, special attention will have to be given to minimizing impacts during construction.

West – View Facing Target

The west facade of the development includes the extension of the Richland Creek Trailhead. This would provide a more welcoming and direct access point to the Greenway from the front of the new development. There is also another Trailhead that ends at the back of Target which can be used if construction impacts the use of the trail behind the former Stein Mart.

The map below also shows the current two Richland Creek Greenway Trailheads.

Here is a view of the actual Trailhead that will be extended.

Hopefully this provides more clarity to the massing included in the preliminary design documents. Be sure to follow NashvilleNowNext.com for updates on this and other developments In and Around Nashville.

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