Wedgewood Houston

Here’s A Look At How This 270,000+SF Development Transforms Wedgewood Houston.

In a recent Metro filing, a request was made to rezone multiple parcel classifications to SP zoning in Wedgewood Houston. If approved, the reclassification of these properties will make way for a major mixed-use development. The request was submitted by Barge Cauthen & Associates with multiple property owners listed as the applicant.

In brief, the development proposes 8 new mixed-use buildings split between two Development Sites (A&B). Each of the new buildings have a ground floor retail component. It also includes relocating Merritt Mansion.  The map of the preliminary master plan, diagrams and building massings throughout this post, are included in the filing submission.

SITE A encompasses much of the existing block and is bordered by the following streets: Houston, Brown, Humphreys, and Martin Streets. Here are a couple of slide comparison images using the massing and actual photos.

View looking East on Houston Street.

View looking South on Brown Street.

Site B is primarily located off Humphreys Street. It is activated by a private drive and anchored by the Great Lawn & Merritt Mansion. There is also an office building that faces Martin Street.

Quick Development Summary

The diagrams below provide details regarding each building. It’s also worth noting that the ground floor retail fronts public streets, interior green site walkways, and private drive areas.  There are also shared parking garages. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Site A
  • Site Area 90,065sf
  • 2 New Residential Mixed-Use Buildings
  • 1 New Office Mixed-Use Building
  • Site B
  • Site Area 180,266sf
  • 2 New Residential Mixed-Use Buildings
  • 3 New Office Mixed-Use Buildings
  • The “Great Lawn”
  • Merritt Mansion

The massings included in the rezoning request are preliminary. However, the following diagrams provide “inspirational imagery” of the proposed design direction. The diagram gives context to the sitework, architecture, and retail storefront.

The final noteworthy component of the development is the relocation of Merritt Mansion.  The original log cabin was constructed in 1799 by Capt. John Rains – one of the founders of Fort Nashboro. The development team intends to nominate the Merritt Mansion for listing on the National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places.  The mansion is to be relocated in a single piece after shoring & bracing.


  1. To where is the mansion being moved? My husband has lived in the neighborhood for over 60 years and he is very interested in not only the new site, but also the actual process one must use to move such a complex building intact.


  2. Mr. Looper,
    Thanks for the reply. Appreciate you taking the time. If the rezoning goes smoothly, when do you estimate shoring etc. on the mansion to start?


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