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MidSouth: A Look At What’s Now&Next At The Central Yards Development In Memphis TN.

Central Yards is the Vision of local Memphis Developer Clayton Kempker. It is located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Cooper Street. Designed by Fleming Architects, Central Yards is a mixed-use development which includes 348 residential units, 53,000 SF of rentable commercial space, and 615 parking spaces.

According to the Developer, the site plan features wide sidewalks, smart streetscapes, landscaping, and outdoor entertainment & gathering spaces.  The Development’s architecture features articulating façades, ground-level windows, on-street parking, and concealment of public parking garages. All of this, just minutes from Downtown Memphis.

Below are a few Now&Next photos of Buildings AA, AB, AC, AE, and AF from the site plan above.

Here is a slide comparison photo across from Buildings ‘AC’ & ‘AA’ looking South on Central Ave.

This photo is across from Building ‘AE’ & The Plaza, looking East on York Avenue towards Cooper Street.

In this photo, Building ‘AB’ is on the right and ‘AF’ is on the left. This view is looking West on York Avenue

Midsouth Now Next is a special feature of which features Developments in the Mid South region.

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