Edgehill South Nashville

Construction Update: NOVEL Edgehill Swiftly Taking Shape Near The Gulch.

NOVEL Edgehill is a four and five story residential mixed-use development at the border of the Gulch & Edgehill.  It will feature a host of unique community amenities such as a rooftop sky-lounge and pool deck offering commanding views of the downtown Nashville skyline. Here is the quick development rundown:

NOVEL Edgehill

  • What’s Now: (Previously Park Center)
  • What’s Next: Mixed-use Development
  • Developer: Crescent Communities
  • Location: 801 12th Ave S
  • Capacity: 270 Residences, 6000 SF of Retail, Parking & Amenities
  • Status: Under Construction: Doster Construction
  • Cost: $13.5 Million Real Estate Transaction

With its articulating facades and roof line variations, each face of Novel Edgehill is inspired by the existing architecture around it. The North facade primarily consists of the parking garage and faces interstate 40. The East facade, along 12th Avenue South, is a transition from the nearby gulch to a more residential feel using building setbacks. The street is also activated by storefront retail. The South & West facades, along Hawkins Street, are inspired by the adjacent Townhomes and works to integrate the landscaping for a more residential feel.

Aerial view by Crescent communities. Streets names added for reference.

View at the intersection of 12th Ave S & Hawkins Street.

View looking North on 12th Ave S

View looking South on 12th Ave S

View along Hawkins Street

Be sure to check back for more on this and other developments in and around nashville!

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