North Nashville

The Reveal: An Exclusive Look Inside Of The New Knox At Metro Center.

Knox At Metrocenter is a Residential Development located in Nashville’s Metro Center Neighborhood. The development consists of two 3-story buildings located at the gateway of the property & three 4-story buildings that anchor the center of the property. In addition, Knox offers fifteen 1-bedroom Carriage models with individual garages. Construction is in its final stages for the Carriage model shown in the picture below on the left. You can also see the three 4-story buildings adjacent to them.

Construction is also ongoing at the pool and courtyard. Once complete, the pool and courtyard will add to an already impressive list of amenities offered at Knox At Metrocenter.

It was great working with the Property Management team; I was able to get an in-depth view of what Knox At Metrocenter has to offer. I was impressed by the level of detail given to the exterior materials, interior finishes, amenities, and overall mix of residential unit types. For more information, visit their website by clicking here. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Here is a look into Knox At Metrocenter:

For more information on pricing and availability please visit Knox At Metrocenter’s website.

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