Edgehill South Nashville

Construction Update: Hillside Flats – Affordable Residences in Edgehill.

Designed by Southeast Venture, Hillside Flats is a thoughtfully designed affordable housing Development located on Hillside Avenue in Edgehill. The development consists of 1, 2, & 3-bedroom residences with a structured parking garage. Amenities include a fitness center, business center, mailroom, and leasing offices. This project will also provide approximately 10,000 sf of space for Salama, a non-profit extended childcare, according to Southeast Venture.

New Feature! – Here is Video of the development progress headed South on Hillside Avenue.

Quick Development Rundown

Hillside Flats

  • What’s Now: Park At Hillside
  • What’s Next: Higher Density Residential
  • Developer: MDHA / Elmington Capital Group
  • Location: 500 Hillside Court
  • Capacity: 290 Residences, Parking Garage, & Amenities
  • Architect: Southeast Venture

Hillside Flats is the first phase of a larger 23-acre development named “The Reservoir” by the Metro Housing & Development Agency. Hillside Flats will provide new residences to existing residents while the development progresses. I will write a separate post on the master development in the coming weeks. Here is a look at the development progress to-date.

Development Progress

View Looking West on Vernon Avenue.
View Looking South Along Hillside Avenue.
View Looking North Along Hillside Avenue.
View Looking West Along Reservoir Court.

Here are a couple of Now & Next photos which compares the development renderings to the current progress of construction.

View along Vernon Avenue
View along Reservoir Court

The still images below demonstrate the articulation of the building facade, the cohesion of glazing types and mix of materials. Southeast Venture achieved providing a sense of refinement and upscale living by using familiar architecture that feels welcoming. These views are along Hillside Avenue.

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  1. Hello Hill Side Flats are beautifully done from the peaks of the window looking in they going be to very nice and luxury feel hopefully I will obtain one of these units with a nice city skylight view whoever built these from outside should get a award they look durn good !

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  2. Hillside was home to me as a teenager as the years passed I became a resident there at one time loved it as being older yiu kind of learn to be a good neighbor and just mind your business. It’s always been home and if I could ever get back to my roots I’ll never leave again . The flayed peeking in the window it’s beautiful and bright g and single em entry nester this IS AND will be home for me . ITS BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU TO WHO EVER DECIDED TO BUILD THIS BEAUTIFUL SET OF HOMES hoping I’ll get to come back again .

    Liked by 1 person

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