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An Overview Of The New ‘North Edge’ Development Plan In Edgehill.

A request was made last week to rezone from IWD (Industrial Warehouse Distribution) to SP (Specific Plan)zoning for properties located at 920 and 1000 Hawkins Street. The request would permit the proposed ‘North Edge’ mixed-use development on the 6.79 acre site. Here’s the Quick rundown:

Development Rundown

  • What’s Now: Beaman Automotive
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Owner:Beaman Automotive Group (Owner Per SP Request)
  • Location: 920 & 1000 Hawkins Street
  • Capacity: Residential, Hotel, & Office with Parking
  • Architect: Tuck-Hinton
  • Civil: Kimley-Horn

Proposed Plan

Designed by Tuck-Hinton Architecture & Design, North Edge is proposed as a 4 building mixed use development on the northern edge of the Edgehill neighborhood. In total it will include:

  • 540 Dwelling Units
  • 500 Hotel Keys
  • 160,000 SF Leasable Office Space
  • Building A:140’ IN 12 STORIES
  • Buildings B,C & D: 115’ IN 8 STORIES
  • Screened Parking Structures
  • Greenway/Trail Segment

The plan primarily focuses on height relationships between adjacent properties in Edgehill & the Gulch. Here is a brief explanation of those components.

Density Analysis

This image shows the alignment of the North Edge request with current zoning. This includes mixed-use districts, continuity of commercial density, and other approved SP’s. It’s also worth noting the emphasis of this not becoming an extension of the Gulch but rather the gateway to Edgehill.

Height Precedent

The next two images are aerial massings from the plan. I’ve included google map images to create a slide comparison for reference (For those not familiar with massings).

This image shows the relationships to previously approved developments with similar building heights. This view is looking towards the Gulch. I highlighted current active projects on the map image.

This view is facing Southeast towards Interstate 65.

Adjacent Properties

The site sections included in the plan are intuitive. The images below were extracted from the plan. As a note, I found it easier to follow from right to left. Some key things to note on this site sections are:

  • The first residential lot varies between 350-750 feet away from Hawkins street.
  • The low elevation of the site reduces the visual impact and scale to residences.


The plan also gives context to potential streetscapes and a greenway segment. However, keep in mind that not everything shown graphically is included in this plan:

Streetscape – The street scape is limited to the immediate development site boundaries on Hawkins Street & 12th Ave. South. Streetscapes graphically shown on opposite sides of those streets are not included in the SP.

Greenway Segment -The greenway segment included in the plan is limited to the North & East of the site. No other Greenway infrastructure or connections are included.  However, there is a plan for 8,358 feet of signed & shared bike lanes on 12th Ave S.  It has a budget of $540,000 and has a status of ready for construction.

Be sure to check back for more on this and other developments in and around Nashville!

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