East Nashville

A Look At The Proposed 700 Units for 1505 Dickerson Pike.

A request was made to rezone from CS(Commercial Service) and CL (Commercial Limited) to SP (Specific Plan) zoning for multiple properties located along Dickerson Pike & Luton Street.  The proposal would make way for a large mixed-use development.  The renderings and images below were extracted from the submitted preliminary plan.

Requested by Kimley-Horn and Associates, 1505 Dickerson Pike is proposed as a 2-phase mixed-use development which includes:

  • 700 Residential Units
  • 20,000 SF of Commercial-Use Space
  • Structured Parking Decks
  • Landscape Improvements

The development is proposed as a two-phase project divided into two buildings. The two buildings are divided by a new street proposed as Marshall Street. Phase 1 is the building located on the right and includes the commercial-use component highlighted in orange. The red highlights represent the elevator towers.

View along Dickerson Pike.

The image below is a view of Marshall Street. It shows the continuation of commercial-use space on phase 1 and proximity to phase 2. The building entrances are also located on Marshall Street.

Here is a look at the proposed street improvements for both Dickerson Pike & Marshall Street. Some of those include:

  • 10 Foot Sidewalks on Dickerson Pike
  • 5 Foot Sidewalks on Marshall Street
  • 4 Foot Green Zones
  • 10 Feet for future expansion on Dickerson Pike
  • Shared Drive/Bike Lane on Dickerson Pike

The image below gives a perspective view of the phase 2 massing along Dickerson Pike. Some of the other items referenced in the plan include:

  • Avoid using continuous uninterrupted blank facades.
  • Where feasible the development will be served by underground power, pad-mounted transformers.
  • Project Anticipated to start in Fall 2021.

The plan did not discuss how the existing mobile home estates on the site would be addressed.

Be sure to check back for more on this and other Developments In around Nashville.

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