Urban Planet Nashville

The Hollingsworth Reel Vol. 1; Highlighting the Work Of Nashville’s Mark Hollingsworth.

2012 West End Ave; Photo by Mark Hollingsworth

Mark Hollingsworth is a 34-year resident of Music City & moderator of the Urban Planet Nashville Forum. Here is a look at some of the ongoing projects around Nashville documented by Mark Hollingsworth.

First Baptist Church; Photo by Mark Hollingsworth
First Baptist Church; Photo by Mark Hollingsworth
Sixth South Development; Photo By Mark Hollingsworth

More on Mark Hollingsworth

Mark has been fascinated with city planning, architecture & construction since he was a child. Into his adult years he started shooting photos of construction sites at various places he’s lived including Chicago, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Nashville.

In 2014 he found the Urban Planet Nashville Forum and it became an outlet for his photos. He and I share a similar fascination with city planning, construction and architecture and I wanted to use my platform to showcase some of his work documenting the growth of Nashville.

For more check out his Urban Planet Forum (Here) as he has nearly 25,000 Nashville photos categorized in his database over the years.

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