West Nashville

A Look At the Proposed Development On Robertson Ave. Near Charlotte Park In Nashville.

A request for final site plan approval was submitted for properties located at the corner of Robertson & Vernon Avenues. If approved, the request would permit a mixed-use development.

View of the existing building along Robertson Ave.

Requested by Centric Architecture as the applicant & Silo Capital, LLC, as the owner, the development includes 39,000 SF of commercial-use space (16,000 SF of New & 23,000 SF of existing building) and 24 townhomes. Here is the quick Development Rundown:

Development Rundown

6100 Robertson Avenue

  • What’s Now: Proctor Marble & Granite
  • What’s Next: Proposed Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: Vintage South Development
  • Capacity: 39,000 SF Commercial Space; 24 Townhomes
  • Location: 6100 Robertson Ave.
  • Architect: Centric Architecture

Proposed Plan

The site plan above is included in the request and provides insight into the overall development concept. A couple of key things to note about the parking is that 48 parking spaces are provided for the residential component and 32 of those will be parked in garages. The plan proposes 154 parking spaces for the commercial use.

Here is a slide compare photo of the existing building at the intersection of Robertson & Vernon. It is proposed as approximately 23,000 SF of retail/office space.

The image below is a slide compare photo of the new 2-story building addition along Robertson Ave It is proposed as approximately 16,000 SF of retail/office space (8,000 SF per floor).

The final image below is a slide compare photo of one of the proposed townhome buildings along Vernon Ave. There are 12 townhomes proposed along Vernon.

The proposed development has a ‘pending’ status according to Metro documents. Be sure to check back or subscribe for updates.


  1. Perfect Timing Robert! Proctor Marble & Granite just purchased their new property this week. Working on this one too.
    Ron over at Urban Planet!

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  2. Very nice looking. Be sure the city approves the installation of a traffic light at that intersection when this is completed if not before! Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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