South Nashville

A Look At What’s Currently Approved At The ‘8th & Bass’ Development on 8th Ave South.

8th & Bass is an approved mixed-use development site on the border of Nashville’s Gulch & Edgehill neighborhoods. It is set to replace a group of small vacant warehouse-use properties along 8th Ave South. It will bring a major development component to this stretch of the 8th South corridor. This post will provide a quick development summary which includes extracted sheets from the approved plans submitted to Metro.

Designed by Hastings Architecture, the development includes a Hotel/Residential mixed-use building (Building A) on the North-end of the site, an Office mixed-use building (Building B) at the center of the site and a shared parking deck on the South-end of the site. Here is the quick development summary:

Development Summary

The approved plans include all uses permitted by MUG-A (Mixed-Use General) with one exception which I will cover later in this post. MUG-A is intended for a moderately high intensity mixture of residential, retail, and office uses.

Approved active uses on the ground floor will extend along a minimum of 60% of 8th Avenue frontage. Ground floor uses will be high-volume; this entails active uses that contribute to the street life of the neighborhood & include:

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Commercial uses
  • Office and Lobby Placement

Main vehicular access will be aligned with south street.  Additional access may be from any or all of the following:

  • Bass street
  • The existing alley
  • A shared access easement
  • An additional curb cut along 8th avenue south of Building B
  • An additional curb cut along 8th avenue in the event of the closure

The development received conditional approval from the Zoning Commission based on the submitted plan. Some of the conditions included as part of the approval include:

  • A maximum of 300 Multi-Family Units
  • Short Term Rental Property – Not Owner Occupied shall be prohibited.
  • Allows for minor modifications to the plan
  • Vertical obstructions within the sidewalk zone are only allowed in the grass stri

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