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Now&Next: A Look At The Proposed ‘Rome Mixed-Use’ Development in Germantown.

A request for final site plan approval was submitted for multiple properties along 2nd Avenue North. Once approved, the request would permit the 196,843 SF Rome Mixed-use development. The request was filed by Fulmer Lucas Engineering on behalf of Greenpointe, the owner.

Building images by Comma Design Works via Metro Filing

With Centric Architecture listed as the Architect, Rome Mixed-Use proposes studio, 1 & 2-Bedroom units. Building features include a pool courtyard, fitness center, green roof, & 3,800 SF of retail to name a few. Here is the quick development rundown:

Development Rundown

  • What’s Now: Cleared Lot
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: Greenpointe
  • Architect: Centric Architecture
  • Capacity: 210 Residential Units, Retail, & Parking
  • Status: Zoning
  • Location: 1217 2nd Ave North

What’s Now & Next

Here are some Now&Next slide compare photos by street for the proposed Rome Mixed-Use Development.

2nd Ave North

The main residential lobby is located on the South-end of 2nd Ave N. The retail component is located on the North-end, at the corner of 2nd Ave N & Monroe street.

Monroe Street

Monroe street proposes a continuation of the retail component on the ground floor as well as an amenity space.

The access to the parking garage is proposed form the “Long Alley” which runs parallel to 2nd Ave N.

The Dog walk is located along the “Short Alley” and runs parallel to Monroe Street.

Be sure to check back for more details as the Development progresses.

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