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The Finery – A New Look & New Renderings.

Updated Rendering Via Hastings Architecture

Known for its design prowess, local firm Hastings Architecture gives us a detailed look into the re-imagined Wroughtwright Residences at the Finery. The 415,000 sf Finery Development is one of the most anticipated developments in Nashville. Bordered by Gray Street on the North & Merritt Avenue on the South; this Mixed-Use Hub experience uniquely fits the WeHo “Makerhood”. Here’s the quick rundown for the Finery:

The Wroughtwright Residences At The Finery

  • What’s Now: Vacant Industrial Lot
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Developer: Hines
  • Address: 622 Merritt Avenue
  • Capacity: 383 Residential Units (Pending) Amenities, Office/Flex/Retail Space & Parking
  • Status: Design/Permit Phase
  • Cost: $9.4 Million Real Estate Transaction – Qualified Opportunity Zone

The Ground Floor consists of office, retail & amenity spaces. That is apart from the pool which is located above the parking deck. The mixed-use element is a combination of traditional commercial lease and flex space. Flex space is ideal for startups, makers, artists, and small businesses (To name a few).

The building layout lends itself to an activated plaza and bridges that connect the 3 distinctive yet cohesive buildings. The renderings below give us a look at the Wroughtwright by street, on each side of the development:

Gray Street (North)

Gray street serves as a primary gateway into the Finery. The horizontal lines of the windows and balconies ground the facade; while the diagonal seams in the panels gives emphasis to the topography of Gray Street.

Another cool feature is how the ground floor retail flows outside of the visual plane of the apartments above. This visual separation gravitates the eye towards the public plaza and makes the retail spaces more inviting.

Private Driveway (East)

The rendering above offers a view of the Plaza Entrance. This is located along the Private Drive near the corner of Gray Street. It also serves as the convergence between office, flex & retail space.

V-pillars are used to line the perimeter of the East building. V-pillars also provide more visual interest than typical shear members. In this application it gives the visual appearance of supporting a massive shipping container turned apartments.

View looking out to the Private Drive

Merritt Ave (South)

This is another Plaza Entrance on Merritt Avenue. It features bridges that serve as a visual transition between the corrugated metal to a more refined dark brick.

Alley (West)

Access to the parking garage is along the alley on the west side of the development. The rendering below lines the parking garage on the opposite side. It features duplex apartments with direct plaza access as well as apartments with balcony views to the plaza.

Although the new renderings are a contrast from the previous concept. This approach and scale may be a better fit for the community. It may also prove to be more sustainable long term.

Previous Rendering along Merritt Avenue.

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