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Warehouse Development Proposed Near Amazon RAD-1 Facility In Antioch, Nashville.

A request was submitted this week to rezone from AR2a (Agricultural) to SP zoning for properties located along Old Hickory Boulevard.  Once approved, the request would permit warehouse uses on the 12.38-acre site.  This development would join other freight terminals in the immediate area including Amazon’s Rapid Asset Development site, UPS, and FedEx to name a few. There are also single-family home developments within proximity of the site.  The zoning change was requested by Johnson Development Associates Inc., on behalf of William Yeargin Jr., Paula Yeargin and William Spaulding, owners. Here’s the quick rundown.

Development Rundown

21610 Old Hickory Blvd

  • What’s Now: Land
  • What’s Next: Industrial Development
  • Developer: Johnson Development Associates
  • Location: 12610 Old Hickory Blvd
  • Capacity: +/- 181,000 SF of Warehouse, Parking

The development proposes two warehouse structures on the lot. The larger of the two warehouses is approximately 107,000 SF while the smaller is a little under 74,000 SF. Some of the site improvements to include:

  • Stormwater Detention Ponds
  • 8′ Sidewalks w/Landscape Strip (Public ROW)
  • 5′ Sidewalks Fronting The Warehouses
  • 210 Parking Spaces
  • Retaining Walls
  • 2 Curb Cuts Onto Old Hickory Blvd

The larger warehouse (shown above) has two loading docks located on the north & south ends of the building. The southernmost loading dock (to the right of the image) has a dedicated driveway; the northernmost loading dock uses a shared driveway with the smaller structure. Both entrances are proposed as 30 Feet wide.

The smaller warehouse (shown below) has parking spaces facing both Old Hickory Blvd and the the adjacent property. The shared loading dock pavement area is proposed as 200 feet wide from the edge of each warehouse building. It also has trailer staging spaces.

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