East Nashville

Proposed Brewery At Historic McGavock House Site In East Nashville.

Rendering via Fulmer-Lucas

A request for final site plan approval was submitted for 908 Meridian Street & 206 Vaughn Street. The property is zoned SP and within the Woodbine Community Organization Historic Landmark District Overlay. Once approved, the 0.85 acres site would permit a brewery and outdoor seating. The request was filed by Fulmer-Lucas, on behalf of Towery Development, the owner.

Photo Credit: NasvilleNowNext.com

The plan proposes adding two ancillary structures on the property for a Brewery and Food & Beverage (F&B) operations. It also includes lots of outdoor open seating and back of house operation areas. The Brewery is located at the rear of the property; approximately where the Number 1 is in the photo above. The Food & beverage building fronts Meridian Street; approximately where the number 2 is in the photo above.

The next two image galleries include the sketches submitted in the plan for the Brewery & F&B structures. Sketches are by Fulmer-Lucas.

Brewery Structure

Food & Beverage Structure

Development Rundown

McGavock House F&B

  • What’s Now: Vacant Historic Site – McGavock House
  • What’s Next: McGavock F&B
  • Developer: Towery Development
  • Architect/Engineer: Fulmer-Lucas
  • Location: 908 Meridian Street
  • Capacity: Food & Beverage
Subdistricts A&C. Photo Credit: NashvilleNowNext
2016 Approved SP

The current Specific Plan (SP) was approved back in 2016 and included 4 subdistricts. The historic home and brewery addition included in the current plan are in Subdistricts C&D.

The uses for Subdistrict C includes restaurant, bed and breakfast inn, office, and parking. The overarching goals for Subdistrict C include:

  • Preserve and restore the McGavock House for reuse.
  • Preserve the open space between the McGavock House and Meridian Street.
  • Preserve the historic wall along Meridian Street.
  • Provide parking and loading needed for the reuse of the McGavock House.

Subdistrict D is intended for ancillary uses such as storage and production within the historic house as well as parking. The overarching goals for the property include:

  • Support the preservation and restoration of the McGavock House for reuse by allowing new construction for support uses associated with the house.
  • Provide parking and loading needed for the reuse of the McGavock House.

Photo Credit:NashvilleNowNext.com

The McGavock House was built circa 1840 and has withstood the test of time. The house has deep historic roots and has had many uses over the past century. For more on the history of the property click here.

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