North Nashville

300 Residential Units Proposed For Bordeaux In North Nashville.

Curtis Partners LLC has plans for a new residential development just North of Buena Vista Pike in Bordeaux. The development consists of single-family homes and flats.

In a recent filing, the request was made to rezone from R10 to SP Zoning for the 31-acre site. Once approved the permit would make way for a multi-family residential development. The request was filed by ESP Associates on behalf of Curtis Partners LLC, the owner. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

The Curtis Property

  • What’s Now: Vacant Site
  • What’s Next: Multifamily Development
  • Developer: Bordeaux Nashville, LLC
  • Engineering Design: ESP Associates
  • Location: 0 Curtis Street
  • Capacity: Approx. 300 Multi-Family Units
Residential mix zones via ESP.

The development is divided into 3 zones which range from townhomes to estate residences and proposed to be constructed in 4 phases. Construction is anticipated for 1st quarter of 2022.

Construction Phases. Per the submitted plan.

Zone 1 is proposed as townhomes and flats and intended to have a more walkable feel. Zone 2 consists of detached homes with walkable courtyards. Zone 3 is proposed as single family and two-family estates and backs up to the tree conservation area. Both the single & two-family homes include two spaces per unit. Multi-family homes include one parking space up to 2 bedrooms and .5 spaces for each additional bedroom over 2 bedrooms. Here is a more detailed look at the proposed zones.




Be sure to check back for more on this Development as it progresses.

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