North Nashville

‘Hearth & Haven At North Pointe’ Multi-Family Development Proposed On Buena Vista Pike.

E3 Construction Services is planning a new multi-family development fronting Buena Vista Pike in North Nashville. Located across from the Cumberland Ridge Apartments, the final SP would permit 69 multi-family units. Here is the quick rundown:

Hearth & Haven

  • What’s Now: Vacant Lot
  • What’s Next: Multi-Family Development
  • Developer: E3 Construction Services, LLC (Owner)
  • Architect: RootArch
  • Engineering Design: Catalyst Design Group
  • Location: 2423 Buena Vista Pike
  • Capacity 69 Multi-Family Units, Parking, & Amenities
Plan via Catalyst Design Group SP

The development proposes a mix of townhomes and multifamily buildings. The multifamily building primarily fronts Buena Vista Pike and proposes 29 two-bedrooms and 2 one-bedroom residences. There is a total of 4 multi-family buildings which maximizes the flow and openness of the lot.  Levels 1&2 of buildings A&B are duplex styled units and have porches that walk out towards Buena Vista Pike.

Buildings C&D sit directly behind buildings A&B, shown in the photo above. The two buildings are separated by a pool and has access to the parking garage. The overall layout of the buildings provides a unique space which offers both a sense of community and privacy.

The townhomes line the rest of the property and offers both driveways & parking garages.  There is also street parking throughout the subdivision. Given the terrain of the site and the orientation of the homes appears to lend itself to view of downtown.

Be sure to check back for more on this and other Developments in Nashville!

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