Edgehill South Nashville

Plan Submitted To Redevelop A Portion of Park At Hillside; The Reservoir Zone 7

NashvilleNowNext Adjacent Development Map ( Map does not reflect all developments; updated periodically)

A request for final site plan approval was submitted for a portion of property located at 1501 Hillside Avenue. Once approved the request will permit 32 multi-family residential units. This plan is part of the overall Reservoir Redevelopment (Zone 7) in Edgehill. To better understand the zoned phases of the Reservoir development, see the images below. The request for final site plan was submitted by Kimley-Horn on behalf of Park at Hillside, the Owner.

The development is bordered by Hillside Ave, Summit Ave, & 10th Ave South. All residences appear to have access to the bordering streets. The development also includes improvements to the streetscape and utility infrastructure.

TThe plan includes the demolition of 4 existing buildings, parking lots and modifications to utility infrastructure. The buildings will be replaced by 18 single family homes and 14 Townhomes. The new homes are connected by a private alley. The plan did not include architectural details or information on the type of housing stock.

Buildings proposed to be demolished according to Metro Documents.

Check back for updates as details and renderings emerge. In the meantime check out my previous post on current construction at the Reservoir Development in Edgehill below.

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