Now&Next: New Renderings Reveal a Cutting-Edge, 45-Story Tower At 800 Lea Ave. In Nashville

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Cutting-edge for 800 Lea Avenue goes beyond its architectural form. It is expressed through its ingenuity, design, & vision to visualize a monumental structure on a lot smaller than some driveways.

Designed by Goettsch Partners (GP), the renderings in this post were included in the final SP for 800 Lea Ave. Once approved the request will make way for this 45-story development situated on Korean Veterans Blvd. circle. The request for Final Site Plan approval was submitted by Barge. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

800 Lea Avenue

  • What’s Now: Parking Lot
  • What’s Next: Residential Development
  • Location: 800 Lea Avenue
  • Developer: Roundabout Parking Partners, LLC
  • Architect: GP
  • Engineering: Barge
  • Capacity: 129 Units ,60 Parking Spaces & Amenities

The overall design of 800 Lea Ave is rooted in movement. Its design cues and precedent are inspired by the wave of a flag, the curves of abstract art, and the effects of wind beneath a sail.

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The ground floor lobby follows the same design language. The wall of windows on the ground floor (shown in the image above) along Korean Blvd circle, act as an art installation. This is achieved using a digital display system shown below.

The interior wall behind the curved glass wall is essentially a screen wall for back-of-house (BOH) operations. Some of those operations include:

  • Loading operations
  • Access to the Vehicle Elevator
  • Trash Room

The front-of-house or tenant-uses along the curved wall gets you access to an indoor bike parking rack, elevator banks up to the residential units and access to the porte cochere.

View of the Ground Floor. Renderings via Metro Documents.

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The porte cochere (or covered driveway) is located at the corner of Korean Veterans Blvd. circle and Lea Avenue, shown in the image above. Vehicular access is proposed on Lea Ave shown in the image below. The roundabout within the porte cochere also appears to be anchored by a distinct architectural feature. The entrance on Lea Ave also displays the address.

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The rear of the building backs to an alley and the parking lot of Diersen Charities. The primary function in the rear of the building is proposed for loading and access to the vehicle elevator. The next image is along 9th Ave South which shows the rear architecture.

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View looking towards the circle along Lea Ave.

Building Layout

Partial elevation taken from submitted documents.

Overall, the building is proposed as 45 floors. There are 3 basement parking levels with access by a vehicle elevator. The ground floor contains the lobby, bike parking and BOH functions. Level 2 is proposed as an amenities level.

Typical floor layout.

There are 3 units per floor which has a baseline range of approximately 2,100 – 3,300 square feet. Of the 3 units per floor, Unit 1 has an elevator adjacent to its entrance. Units 2&3 have direct access to elevators from those units. In addition, Levels 3&4 contain 2-story units which doubles the baseline square footage.

2-Story Unit Layout

Building Finishes

The images above show conceptual balcony design studies being considered. The articulation of the overall massing will become significant as it will define the new Nashville skyline. That is in addition to defining the outdoor experience for each of the 3 units per floor.

Some of the exterior finishes proposed on the front of the building include:

  • Aluminum & Glass wall systems
  • Glass guardrails
  • Coated concrete
  • Metal wall panels. 

Materials on the rear and sides of the building include:

  • Vertical solar panels
  • Coated concrete
  • Aluminum & Glass & window
  • Metal Louvers

The development is planned for the 7/22/21 MPC meeting agenda.  Be sure to check back for more on this and other developments in and around Nashville.

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