Wedgewood Houston

Images Emerge for 700 Hamilton’s Zoning Variance In WeHo Nashville.


Located on Hamilton Avenue in Wedgewood Houston, 700 Hamilton is proposed as a residential mixed-use development in a qualified opportunity zone. Designed by EOA & Manuel Zeitlin Architects the proposed 7-story development is currently in the schematic design phase.

Variance Summary

According to the request, there is an existing 20’ grade drop difference in height between Hamilton and the north property line. To have the 2nd garage level not count as a story, retaining walls would have to be added to the grade elevation on both sides of the 2 garage levels that are located below Hamilton Avenue; which creates an unnecessary severe barrier between adjacent sites.

Adjacent Development Map (Does not include all developments, updated periodically)

The development will add residential density to this former industrial-use area of Wedgewood-Houston. It will join adjacent developments either planned or under construction creating a new community within this neighborhood. 700 Hamilton and the adjacent developments show the transformative results opportunity zones can have on communities.

Conceptual Building Layout

The basement levels of the development include the parking garage and some residential units. Some of the other proposed uses on the basement levels include:

  • A Recreational Lawn & Dog Park
  • Courtyard Adjacent to Residential Units
  • Resident Storage

The ground floor entrance faces Hamilton Avenue and is flanked by two retail spaces and the garage entrance. Some of the other features on the ground floor include:

  • Pool
  • Fitness Center with Yoga Lawn
  • Substantial CoWorking Space
  • Flex Seating Spaces
  • Large Courtyard

There is also a sky lounge proposed on the upper level which will take advantage of sweeping views of the Nashville Skyline. Below are the conceptual building elevations for 700 Hamilton.

View of entrance on Hamilton Ave.
Interior view of the courtyard from Hamilton Ave.
View adjacent to the CSX tracks
View adjacent to existing building.

The hearing date is set for 7/15/21. Be sure to check back for more updates on this and other developments in and around Nashville.


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