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Rendering Provides Insight Into The Eden House Development In Green Hills, Nashville

All Rendetings & Elevations via Greasham Smith

A request for final site plan approval was submitted for 2025 Richard Jones Road, in Green Hills. Once approved, the 0.87-acre property will permit the 17-story mixed-use development.  The request was submitted by Ragan Smith Associates.

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Designed by Gresham Smith, Eden House will offer 1, 2, & 3-bedroom residences with amenities.  The ground floor fronting Richard Jones Road proposes commercial use space with accommodations for outdoor seating.  Access into the garage is located on the west side of the building closest to Hillsboro Pike.  The development is located adjacent to the Mall at Green Hills.  Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

Eden House

Overall site plan of Eden House per Metro Documents

Overall, the building proposes 4 levels of below-grade parking. The ground floor primarily consists of retail, access to the garage and back of house uses.  Level 2 has a large amenity space with some residences.  Levels 3 – 17 primarily consists of residential units with various setbacks.

Exterior building materials primarily consists of masonry, metal panels, glazing, metal balcony guardrails and wood veneer accents.  Below are the elevations for each of the building facades.  The elevations provide context to the use of the building materials.

North Elevation fronting Richard Jones Road
East Elevation next to an existing office building.
South Elevation, rear of the building.
West Elevation closest to Hillsboro Pike

The development is scheduled for the 7/22/21 MPC Meeting. Be sure to check back for more on this and other Developments In & Around Nashville.

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