North Nashville

Construction Update: ‘Skyliner’ The Mid-Century Styled Multi-Family Development on Dickerson Pike, Nashville.

Photo Credit – Coleman Gaines

On a stretch of Dickerson Pike that has seen sparse development among Nashville’s explosive growth, work is well underway on Skyliner.  Designed by Southeast Venture, Skyliner is a multifamily development situated near the intersection of Dickerson Pike and Ben Allen Road. Urban Housing Solutions, a nonprofit dedicated to providing housing for Nashville’s homeless, low income, and workforce populations, will manage leasing for the site .

Rendering Courtesy of Southeast Venture

The four-story development will feature 16 studio units, 102 one-bedroom units, 22 two-bedroom units, and seven three-bedroom units, for a total of 147 apartments.  Three-bedroom units are uncommon in similar single-building multi-family developments.  However, this project is utilizing the two outside corners on the front face of the building to provide three-bedroom units for families in their target demographic. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown


  • What’s Now: Empty Lot
  • What’s Next: Residential Development
  • Developer: Urban Housing Solutions/MDHA
  • Architect: Southeast Venture
  • Engineering: Thomas & Hutton
  • Location: 2996 Dickerson Pike
  • Capacity: 147 Residential Units, Parking, & Amenities
Rendering Courtesy of Southeast Venture

Located four miles north of Downtown Nashville, Skyliner pulls inspiration from the mid-century motels that once dotted this stretch of road. The Dive Motel and Savoy Motel are still standing. Skyliner’s amenities include a fitness center, laundry lounge, bike racks, grilling areas, and lounge with an outdoor terrace. The terrace will feature rare views of Nashville’s skyline. Here is a look at construction progress of the Skyliner.

Construction Progress

View looking West Along Dickerson Pike – Photo Credit Coleman Gaines
View looking East Along Dickerson Pike – Photo Credit Coleman Gaines
Rear View of the Skyliner – Photo Credit Coleman Gaines

Be sure to check back for more on this and other developments in and around Nashville!

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