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Now&Next: Fresh Renderings Reveal The Proposed Mixed-Use Tower In Midtown Nashville

A request was filed to rezone from CS and MUG-A to SP zoning for (4) properties located between West End Avenue & Elliston Place. Once approved the request would permit the proposed 27-story ‘2416 West End Avenue’ mixed-use development, requested by Ragan Smith Associates.

Nestled between Centennial Park & Vanderbilt University, 2416 West End Avenue will become a known address for years to come.  It features breathtaking views of the recently updated Centennial Park to the North and spectacular views of Vanderbilt’s new Residence Halls to the South.  This development also adds to the growing list of mid to high rise structures defining the evolution of mid-town’s skyline.  Here’s the quick rundown:

Centennial Park – Photo Credit: NashvilleNowNext
NashvilleNowNext Adjacent Development Map – Updated Periodically

Development Rundown

2416 West End

  • What’s Now: Retail
  • What’s Next: Mixed-use Development
  • Developer: GBT Realty Corporation
  • Architect: Gresham Smith
  • Civil: Ragan Smith Associates
  • Capacity: 375 Max Units, 2-level Retail/Restaurant, & Parking

Proposed Design

West Façade

Overall, the design of 2416 West End Avenue is an art-deco influenced high rise structure.  The art-deco inspiration can be seen in the west façade using thin lines that stretch up the entire face of the structure. Other elements include the subtle articulation of the building façade which also gives the appearance of a spire, while maximizing the useable square footage.

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North Façade

Art-deco influences can be seen on the North façade as the sleek geometric lines are paired with staggered layers. The staggered design allows for multi-directional views and unique balcony configurations. The North façade also features a rare opportunity to capture the spectacular views of Centennial park.

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South Façade

The staggered design of the South façade appears to enable each unit to have an uninterrupted view of Downtown via West End Ave.  It also features a masonry element which compliments surrounding properties.

Slide the image to see What’s Now&Next

The development is scheduled for the 7/22/21 MPC Meeting. Be sure to check back for more on this and other Developments In & Around Nashville.

Photo Credit: NashvilleNowNext

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  1. Would love to see a revived Rotier’s restaurant as part of the retail component. Lots of good memories there!


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