Edgehill Update

North Edgehill Commons: Updated Renderings & Building Mods At The Beaman Site In Nashville

Updated plans were filed with Metro for the North Edgehill Commons development at the corner of Hawkins Street & 12th Ave. South. The plan provided updated information on building heights as well as more refined renderings.

Building Heights

Building heights have been both lowered and raised based on the previously proposed plan. The building heights are now roughly the same across the site. The images in the gallery below shows the previous and updated plan. The new heights for the buildings are as follows:

  • Buildings A, B, and C – 8 Stories
  • Buildings D & E – 6 Stories


Updated renderings were also included in the plan and provide more views & angles of the development. The previous development rundown can be found below the updated renderings.

View looking North on 12th Ave. South
View looking North on Southside Avenue
Updated view of the Commons on Hawkins Street

Here are more close up views of the Commons. Renderings by Tuck Hinton.

The gallery below features new renderings of the rear of the development adjacent to the interstate.

Previous Rundown

Slide Image To See What’s Now&Next.
All Renderings By Tuck-Hinton via Metro Documents.

North Edgehill Commons is proposed as a sustainable live/work/play district at the northern edge of the historic Edgehill neighborhood. Designed by Tuck-Hinton the site aims to re-establish a strong sense of place and identity by providing a density transition from the high-rise Gulch district to the mid / low-rise Edgehill neighborhood.

Formerly proposed as North Edge, North Edgehill Commons will bring new life to the current Beaman automotive services facility and surface parking lot. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

North Edgehill Commons

  • What’s Now: Beaman Automotive
  • What’s Next: Mixed-Use Development
  • Owner:Beaman Automotive Group (Owner Per SP Request)
  • Location: 920 & 1000 Hawkins Street
  • Capacity: 600 Residential, 200 Hotel Keys , 160,000 SF Office w/Parking
  • Architect: Tuck-Hinton
  • Civil: Kimley-Horn

North Edgehill Commons is proposed as 4 separate building structures with varying heights; anchored by a Community common area. Building A which occupies 12th Ave South and Hawkins Street is proposed as 10 STORIES.  Going east on Hawkins street towards 9th Ave South, buildings B, C, & D are proposed as follows:


Here are a few more Now&Next Images along Hawkins Street which gives you more context of the EdgeHill Common as well as Building A.

Slide The Image To See What’s Now&Next

Slide The Image To See What’s Now&Next

According to the submitted plan, this mixed-use District will provide significant contributions to the public realm by offering several new community amenities; based on input by existing residents. Edgehill Commons is an “Urbane green” and is proposed as the heart of the district and will become a key gathering place inviting neighbors to gather. A key feature is the W.E. “Quarry” playground honoring artist William Edmondson and the history of the neighborhood.

The existing 12th Avenue bridge sidewalk is proposed to be enhanced by a raised boardwalk which would combine the width of the bike lane, and the existing sidewalk into a “High-Line” type pedestrian experience. Below is an image of the High Line in New York.

Visitor Info | The High Line
Aerial view of a section of the High Line in New York. Image via High Line

The 12th Avenue District pedestrian entry to both the regional trail, and the project would be marked by a vertical District Entry Statement which clearly identifies the Edgehill neighborhood as distinct from the Gulch and downtown Nashville. Some of the other Community benefits include:

  • A Rooftop Community Hall with Amenity Deck
  • Enhanced Streetscapes
  • Entrepreneurial Incubator
  • Art / History Walk
  • Regional Trail

The Preliminary plan for North Edgehill Commons was submitted last week. Be sure to check back for more on this and other Developments in and around Nashville!

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