Donelson Plaza Multi-Family Development: Updated Images & Affordable Housing Options In Nashville

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Phase 2 of the redevelopment of Donelson Plaza is underway which will add a multi-family component to the site. The addition of multi-family will realize the vision of Donelson Plaza as a true mixed-use hub. Its proximity to the Music City Star Commuter Rail Station also reinforces its mixed-use benefits.

The request for final site plan approval was recently submitted for the site. Once approved, the request will permit 104 multi-family residential units with an expected completion of Q4 2022. The request was made by Building Ideas, LLC.

Photo Credit: NashvilleNowNext

In late 2018, Holladay Properties began the revitalization of Donelson Plaza, located in the heart of the Donelson community. With Donelson’s new Nashville Public Library branch as its centerpiece, the 1960s era shopping center continues to be transformed into a modern town center as a hub of the Donelson community.  Here’s the quick rundown:

Rendering of the renovated Donelson Plaza and addition of multi-family additions. Rendering Credits: Donelson Plaza

Development Rundown

Donelson Plaza Multi-Family

  • What’s Now: Shopping Center/Parking Lot
  • What’s Next: Mixed-use Development
  • Developer: Holladay Properties
  • Architect: Building Ideas
  • Location: 2710 Old Lebanon Road
  • Capacity: 104 Residences, Amenities, & Parking

The development will feature a 4-story apartment building on the west side of the shopping center and 14 townhouse-styled flats on the east side. Both the 4-story building & the 14 flats offer 1 & 2-bedroom units. The images above show a 3D view of the 4-story apartment building facing SE & SW along old Lebanon Road.

The development also proposes a percentage of units at attainable rents based on the 80% to 100% Median Household Income (MHI) category. According to the 2019 U.S. Census stats, the Median Household Income for Nashville is $59,828.

West Buildings

West end of Donelson plaza – Photo credit: Nashville Now Next

On the west end of the property, the multi-family development scope includes demolishing a portion of the shopping center (next to The Dollar Tree). Additionally, the parking lot adjacent to Old Lebanon Road will also be used for the apartment structure. The image below shows how the apartment building will occupy the parking lot and transition to the shopping center.

Slide the image to see what’s Now&Next

The apartment building has a breezeway which provides access to the multi-family building and the Shopping center. Amenities include a fitness center, lounge, covered parking, and balconies in most apartments. There is also a new access road on the other side of the apartment building for access to the building’s parking lot.

East Buildings

The multi-family addition also proposes 1-over-1 flats on the east parking lot of Donelson Plaza.  Nine of the 14 buildings are situated along Cliffdale Road. The first floor features a one-bedroom unit with access from one side of the townhouse style flat.

3D View of the Townhouse-style Flats. Rendering Credit: Building Ideas via Metro Documents

The 2nd & 3rd floor features the 2-bedroom unit. The entrance into the 2-bedroom unit is on the opposite side of the townhouse.  The 2nd floor features an open floor plan showcasing the living room, dining room, and kitchen.  The 2-bedrooms are located on the 3rd floor. The image below provides context as to how the townhouse flats will occupy the parking lot along Cliffdale Road.

Be sure to check back for more on this and other developments In and Around Nashville!

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