North Nashville

Cottages At City Heights Adds More Residential Along the Charlotte Pike Corridor.

View along Booker Street – Image Credit: RootArch via Metro Documents

E3 Construction Services is proposing a new 16-unit multi-family development named The Cottages at City Heights. Located along the intersection of 27th Ave. North and Booker Street; the development proposes detached & semi-detached homes, most of which have garages.

The 4-parcel site is currently vacant and will offer additional housing opportunities in the North Nashville neighborhood. A request to rezone from RS5 to SP zoning was recently filed and once approved will permit the 16 units on the 0.83-acre site. The request was made by Catalyst Design Group on behalf of E3 construction services.

View along 27th Avenue North – Image Credit: RootArch via Metro Documents

City Heights is not new to redevelopment and E3 Construction Services is a familiar name.  The developer is working on other projects surrounding the site.  E3 is also introducing transformative designs and functional housing stock to the Neighborhood. Here is a look at some of the surrounding projects developed by E3 and the quick development rundown:

Development Rundown

The Cottages At City Heights

  • What’s Now: Vacant Site
  • What’s Next: Multi-family Development
  • Developer: E3 Construction Services
  • Architect: rootArch
  • Civil: Catalyst Design Group
  • Location: 724 27th Avenue North
  • Capacity: 16 Multi-family Residences

The development proposes 16 multi-family residential units with a max building height of 3 stories. The homes will feature 2, 3, and 4-bedroom residences with the following unit mix:

  • (1) 4 Bedroom Unit
  • (9) 3 Bedroom Units
  • (6) 2 Bedroom Units

RootArch is listed as the Architect and is a firm with an established record of great residential architecture. The modern cottage-style homes will feature a mix of cement siding styles, roof pitches, window types, dormers, and porch configurations. The site will also receive landscape improvements throughout including the addition of trees. Slide the images below to get a glimpse into how the homes will occupy the site on 27th Ave North & Booker Street.

27th Avenue North

View along 27th Ave. N

View at the corner of 27th Ave. N & Booker Street

Booker Street

View at the corner of Booker Street & 27th Ave. N

View on Booker Street

Surrounding Development

Here is a look at some of the other recent developments surrounding The Cottages At City Heights.

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