Now&Next: The Re-imagined 2nd & Peabody Mixed-Use Development In SoBro Nashville.

All Rendering by Gresham Smith & Cube 3 via Metro Documents

Plans for the Second and Peabody mixed-use development have been significantly re-imagined. Everything from the architecture, scale, geometry, as well as building function has been modified. The revised plan proposes a central hotel tower flanked by 2 multi-family towers. The primary pedestrian and vehicular circulation are along 3rd Avenue South. The plaza and pocket parks are primarily located on 2nd Avenue South.

View of the primary circulation along 3rd Ave South. Renderings via Gresham Smith and Cube 3.

Tower 1 is Located on Lea Ave. and is 32 stories tall; Tower 2 is located on Peabody Street and is 36 stories tall. The central Hotel Tower is 18 stories tall. The office tower in the previous plan has been re-programmed as a multi-family tower.

The expansive pedestrian plaza from the initial plans remain, however, the aesthetic & feel, are more complementary of the new architecture. The plaza features two large water features, is more linear and stretches along 2nd Avenue South between Peabody Street & Lea Ave. Here’s the quick rundown:

Residential Lobby at the corner of Second Ave South & Peabody Street.

Development Rundown

Second & Peabody

  • What’s Now: Parking Lot and Commercial Uses
  • What’s Next: Mixed-use development
  • Developer: The Congress Group
  • Record Architect: Gresham Smith
  • Architect: Cube 3
  • Landscape: EDSA
  • Location: Second Ave South & Peabody St.
  • Capacity: Multi-family & Hotel Mixed-use

For more on the previously submitted plan for the Second & Peabody Development check out the link below.

The exterior architecture consists of a concrete exoskeleton which wraps the modern glass towers. The glass and concrete are complemented by smooth stucco, bronze panel screening & window frames, glass railings, and extensive landscaping. The overall building massing for the 3 towers include 5 levels of below-ground parking, an extensive lobby level, amenity level, and rooftop feature.

View of the multi-family tower roof-top amenity.

Slide the pictures below to see What’s Now&Next at the re-imagined Second & Peabody Development.

View along Lea Avenue

View at the corner of Second Ave South & Peabody Street

View at the corner of Leav Ave & 3rd Ave South

View along 2nd Ave South

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