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Belmont Advances Site Plans For New College Of Medicine.

A request was submitted for final site plan approval for a new academic building at Belmont University. The request included properties located along 14th Avenue South, between Wedgewood & Acklen Avenues, and located within the Belmont University Institutional Overlay District. Once approved the request will permit the six-story academic building and parking garage on the 2.94-acre site. The request was submitted by Catalyst Design Group, on behalf of Belmont University. Here’s the quick rundown.

Development Rundown

Belmont University College Of Medicine

  • What’s Now: Various Structures
  • What’s Next: New Academic Building
  • Owner: Belmont University
  • Architect: ESa
  • Civil: Catalyst Design Group
  • Location: 1800 14th Ave. South
  • Capacity: 220,000 SF Academic Building w/ Parking

Site development plans involve closure of 14th Avenue South between Acklen & Wedgewood Avenues. The existing structures on the site are the property of Belmont University and will be demolished to make way for the new structure.

The new 220,000 square foot academic building will sit 6 stories tall, include 657 below grade parking spaces & span both sides of the closed 14th Avenue South. Site features include realigning the sidewalks, multi-level plazas, and architecturally concealed exhaust shafts for the underground parking. Landscaping will consist of sod, varying species of trees and other vegetation consistent with the rest of the campus.

The images below are the proposed building facades from the submitted plan.

View Facing Wedgewood Avenue
View Facing Acklen Avenue

Be sure to check back for more on this and other developments In and Around Nashville.

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