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Updated: ‘Skyline Ridge’ Takes Development Along Dickerson Pike To New Heights

Post updated with adjusted site location.

Updated: If speculation around Dickerson Pike being the “next something” of Nashville was ever in question; Skyline Ridge is your proof that urban density & character are on the horizon.

A request was filed this week for the property across from the Preserve At Highland Ridge and next to the Davidson Farmers Co-op. Once approved, the request would permit 240 residential units on the 24.97 acres site. The request was made by Hawkins Partners on behalf of the property Owners. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

Slide the image for context on the adjusted location.

Skyline Ridge – Preliminary Plan

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next

The proposed design of Skyline Ridge is a departure from the traditional semi-colonial styled suburban product.  The semi-colonial style has become a common theme for developments on the edge of the urban core.

Additionally, the development aims to offer rents at attainable rates, has connections to mass transit, and adjacent to three major roads into downtown Nashville. The images below provide insight into the proposed architectural character for the site.

The preliminary plan consists of 3 building structures. Building 1 sits directly adjacent to the Davidson Farmers Co-op. Buildings 2 & 3 follow the curvature of the road. Site improvements include trails, new sidewalks and landscaping throughout.

Building topography adjacent to Hampton Inn

The building elevations below give a bit more context into the three buildings.

Building 1

Building 1 proposes a total of 90 units with parking located at the front of the building.

Transition Between Buildings 1 & 2

 The approach from the development driveway puts you at the intersection of buildings 1 & 2.

Transition between Buildings 2 & 3.

Buildings 2 & 3 have a combined 120 residential units and follows the curvature of the road. The parking lot is located behind the two buildings. This allows for more activation of the street as well as a viewing deck.

About the Developer: Evan Holladay is known for his affordable housing developments around the Nashville region. He does a great job sharing investment tips and helping others realize the benefits of affordable housing developments. You can check out his podcast here.

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Transit stop across from Walmart.


  1. You have this situated incorrectly. It is at 0 Skyline Ridge Drive to the North of Hampton Inn. Behind the COOP.
    There is another development called Altitude at 41 that faces Dickerson Pike next to to the Hampton up to the corner of Skyline Ridge.
    The property to the South of the Hampton is all HCA property and not under additional development.
    Use this to locate the address: http://maps.nashville.gov/ParcelViewer/

    – District 8 Councilmember, Nancy VanReece

  2. We’re all obsessed with this website!!,
    thanks for keeping us development nuts updated!
    Dickerson pike has great bone structure, and one day will be the center of east Nashville instead of galatin pike

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