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Hotel Proposed Near Party Fowl In The Nashville Gulch.

View along 8th Ave. South

Shades Urban Hospitality is proposing a new Hotel in the Nashville Gulch at the former home of Jackalope Brewing. Jackalope brewing didn’t reopen its Gulch location after the height of the pandemic. According to the Nashville Post, operations are now focused at the Wedgewood-Houston location “The Ranch”.

A request for a major modification was filed last week for the property, located at the corner of Old Division Street & 8th Ave. South. Once approved, the request will allow for the additional height to permit a 23-story hotel building. The request was made by Kimley-Horn, on behalf of the Owner. Here’s the quick rundown:

View along 8th Ave. South & Old Division Ave.

Development Rundown

Shades Urban Hospitality

  • What’s Now: Commercial Site
  • What’s Next: Hotel Mixed-Use
  • Owner: The Marie & Edwin Kirkland Living Trust
  • Location:  701 8TH AVE S
  • Capacity: +/- 200 Hotel Keys, Retail, & Parking

Overall, the ground floor includes the hotel lobby, vehicle arrivals, and retail space. The next 4 levels are occupied by parking. Levels 5 thru 20 include hotel rooms, while levels 21 and 22 include hotel amenities. Level 23 is proposed as a mechanical penthouse.

Materials include modular brick on the ground floor, metal panels on the garage levels, and a variation of gray colored stucco on the tower.

Slide the image to see What’s Now u0026amp; Next

The ground floor of the development activates both 8th Avenue South & Old Division St.  8th Ave. South consists of both an entrance into the Hotel Lobby and retail space. The hotel lobby entrance is closest to the corner of 8 South and Old Division. The vehicle arrivals area is located on Old Division St. The gallery below shows the proposed storefront activation along 8 South.

The upper level amenities are proposed on both the 21st & 22nd floors. The 21st floor includes public service areas, restrooms, and a kitchen. The 22nd floor features a rooftop deck, terrace, fitness center, meeting room, and restrooms.

View of the Rooftop Amenity

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