Construction Update: The Cambria Hotel Addition To Midtown Corkdorks In Nashville.

View facing east on Church Street. Amazon’s glass tower can be seen in the down the road on the same side of the street.

Construction has started on the Cambria Hotel addition to Midtown Corkdorks. The hotel addition is located at the corner of Church Street & 16th Avenue North.  The addition is situated next to the existing Corkdorks, which has already undergone a façade upgrade.

The Hotel is also located on a prime stretch of Church Street across From Tribe & Play Nashville. Once completed, Cambria will be the first new Ground-up Hotel on Church Street in decades. Here’s the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

Cambria Hotel

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next

Overall, the construction consists of a 113,298 SF hotel tower addition, upgrades to the existing buildings facade, and converting a portion of the existing building into a coffee shop.  The coffee shop is to the left of the existing buildings entrance.

The level 1 consists of a covered a entrance with a fountain and planters. The main lobby offers multiple lounge seating areas, a coffee shop, welcome desk, meeting space and pre-function area. The fitness center is proposed on the mezzanine level .

The 9-story structure also proposes a rooftop deck with full service kitchen. The indoor dining area is wrapped in floor to ceiling windows. There is also substantial outdoor seating.

Construction Progress

Here is a look at construction progress from December 2020 to August 2021.

View looking North on Church Street.

View looking West on Church Street.

View looking East(ish) on Church Street.

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