Dickerson Pike

A New Mixed-use Development Proposed on Dickerson Pike

Dickerson Pike is a High Capacity Transit Corridor and major thoroughfare into Downtown Nashville. Additionally, it represents a unique opportunity to create equitable development densities, set a precedent for pedestrian infrastructure, and introduce enhanced transit options.

Snap shot from the Dickerson Pike South Corridor Study.

To that point, Metro Council recently adopted the Dickerson Pike Corridor Study which lays the conceptual framework for development guidance. The corridor study covers East Nashville to Skyline. I’ll cover more on that in a separate post.

In a recent filing, a request for variance was submitted on properties located at 1302 & 1308 Dickerson Pike between Fern and Ligon Avenues. The development proposes 5-stories of multi-family over ground-level retail and residential liner with structured parking. The request was submitted by Smith Gee Studio on behalf of the Owner.


The variances included in the submission include the following:

  1. To permit the penetration of the height control plane to allow a 6-story building in 85 feet.
  2. Request to reduce the rear setback from 20 feet to 5 feet, per the current zoning.
  3. Request to reduce the street setback from 15 feet to a 0-15 feet build-to-zone, per the current zoning.

The exhibits below are from the application and are a visual representation of the three variance requests:

The development is scheduled to appear on 10/7/21 Zoning agenda. Be sure to check back for more on this and other developments In and Around Nashville!

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