South Nashville

7-Eleven Proposed To Replace Storied Airways Motel On Lebanon Pike, Nashville.

Plans are underway to demolish the existing Airways Motel located near the corner of Lebanon Pike & Fesslers Lane. Once removed, the site will make way for a new 5,300 SF ground-up 7-Eleven Convenience store and 16-Space Fuel Island.

A request for zoning variance was recently filed for the property by Development Management Group, LLC. The variance applies to the 5,464 SF convenience store which exceeds the maximum 2,500 SF allowed for the current zoning. According to the plan, other zoning criteria for the project includes:

  • Minimum street frontage of one hundred feet (100′) on each abutting street.
  • Gasoline pumps shall be at least twenty feet (20′) from any property line and any public right-of-way.
  • This facility does not have automatic car wash.
  • This facility does not provide equipment rental (trucks and trailers).
  • There shall be no outdoor loudspeakers or public address systems.
  • Trash areas shall be provided and screened.
  • No vehicle sales or storage.

Properties located north of this property are primarily zoned Industrial. However, its proximity to the developing Cumberland riverfront, I40, & downtown has created speculation for redevelopment.3 Parcels on Driftwood Street were rezoned for office uses back in 2019. However, no formal plans are currently submitted for the site. The 7 Eleven development is scheduled for the 10/21/21 BZA agenda.

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