ALTA Rochelle: The New 370-Unit Multifamily Development Proposed In Edgehill, Nashville

Preliminary plans have been submitted for a new multi-family development at the Rochelle Center property in Edgehill. The submitted plans request to rezone from R6 to SP zoning for the 4.5acre site. The request was submitted by Kimley-Horn and Associates on behalf of the Rochelle Center.

This segment of 12 South has seen a lot of development activity in recent months. New proposals are trending towards more dense multi-family development in lieu of the high-end townhome product.  ALTA Rochelle will add to developments such as North Edge Hill Commons and Novel Edgehill which are bringing more residential & retail density to this segment of 12 South.  Here is the quick rundown:

Development Rundown

ALTA Rochelle

  • What’s Now: Rochelle Center
  • What’s Next: Multi-family Development
  • Developer: Wood Partners
  • Architect: Dynamik Design
  • Civil: Kimley-Horn
  • Location: 1020 Southside Court
  • Capacity: 370-Units, Parking & Amenities
  • Status: Zoning
Site Plan Credit – Dynamik Design via Metro Documents

Overall, ALTA Rochelle has three main building sections. The Section closest to 12th Avenue South primarily consists of residential units with a central courtyard. The central Section includes an above grade parking deck with rooftop pool, residential units, back-of-house, and amenity spaces. The third Section has a motor court, entrance into the garage, leasing office, residential units, and another courtyard.

The images below show the approximate relationship between the building sections & existing conditions. The images in the sliders are not to scale. However, it should help those who aren’t familiar with reading schematic design drawings. The development is scheduled to appear on the 10/28/21 Metro Planning agenda.

Slide the images to see What’s Now & Next:

View facing East on Southside Court

View along 12th Avenue South closes to Gulch Row Townhomes

View along 12th Avenue South closest to South Street

View along South Street between the Rochelle Center & closest to townhome.

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