See What’s Now & Next At The New Rutledge Hill Mixed Use Development In Nashville.

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next at the corner of Rutledge St. & Peabody St.


Rutledge Hill Mixed-use is a newly proposed mixed-use development in Downtown, Nashville. The site is bordered between:

  • Peabody St. and Lea Ave. From the North to South; and
  • Rutledge St. & 2nd Ave. S from the East to West.

The development mix at Rutledge Hill includes 2 residential towers, 1 hotel/residential tower, and a central courtyard.

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next at the corner of Rutledge St. & Lea Ave.

A request for modification to the overall building height was recently filed for the property. Currently zoned DTC within the Rutledge Hill subdistrict, the request would permit the mixed-use development on the 3.29 acres site. The request was made by Gensler on behalf of Centrum Realty and Development. Here’s the quick rundown:

Adjacent development map via Metro Documents.

Development Rundown

Rutledge Hill Mixed Use

  • What’s Now: Radio Broadcast Station
  • What’s Next: Mixed -Use Development
  • Developer: Centrum Realty & Development
  • Architect: Gensler
  • Location: 500 2nd Avenue South
  • Nashville Council District: 19
  • Status: Planning

Building Stats:

  • 39 Stories- 2nd Ave Residential Tower
  • 32 Stories – Rutledge Street Residential Tower
  • 29 Stories – Peabody Street Hotel/Residential Tower
  • 3 Levels of Underground Parking
  • Central Public Park
  • Retail & Amenity Spaces

2nd Ave South Residential Residential Tower

The residential tower has a private driveway located off of 2nd Avenue S. The ground floor is anchored by a large retail space and residential lobby. There is also an entrance into the parking garage and exterior stairs to the central park. The tower has amenity spaces on levels 6 and 18 with a rooftop pool deck on level 27.

Here is a look at the Amenity area on level 27. The Narrower section faces 2nd Avenue South. The pool deck is closer to the Peabody Tower.

Here is a look at the off-street driveway on 2nd Avenue South.

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next.

Peabody Street Hotel/Residential Tower

The Peabody tower has a covered arrivals driveway which serves both the hotel & residential buildings.  Both the Hotel and Residences have their own lobby entrances.  The Hotel lobby is anchored with a lobby bar, restaurant and large BOH space. The second floor of the Peabody Tower features a ballroom and conference room suite, while the 3rd level features a pool deck amenity. There is also access to the central park. The hotel & residences are separated by a large residential amenity on level 16.

Here is a look at the pool deck from the top of the Peabody Tower.

Rutledge Street Residential Tower

Like the 2nd Ave tower, the Rutledge Street tower is also anchored by a residential lobby with large retail.  There is also amenity space on the upper floors.  This tower does not have an off-street driveway, however, there is access into the parking garage from Rutledge Street.   The Rutledge Street tower is below.

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next at the corner of Rutledge St. & Peabody St.

Lea Avenue

The 2nd Avenue tower also occupies a large section of Lea Avenue.  It includes a condo office as well as a large café space.  The image below shows an example of the Lea Avenue frontage.

Slide the image to see What’s Now & Next

The development is scheduled for the 12/9/2021 Metro Planning Agenda.

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