Welcome to Nashville Now Next!

My name is Robert Looper III. I recently relocated to Nashville from Washington D.C. for an exciting professional opportunity with my Company. It didn’t take long before I was sold on Nashville as it quickly revealed that its one of America’s Greatest Cities. I spent the first few months here enjoying what it meant to be a true Nashville tourist while still remaining active in D.C. However, during that time I would often contemplate what it would be like to actually live here and figured maybe I will just give it a chance. Nashville officially became home in 2020.

While in Washington D.C., I was very active in the community and in my spare time worked as an advocate to create a more walkable, bikeable and livable community. I decided to create NashvilleNowNext.com to cover what’s happening NOW in Nashville and to highlight what’s NEXT in Nashville’s exciting future. My goal for NashvilleNowNext.com is to create a place where both new and long-time residents can:

  • Check on development progress around the city.
  • Get updates on new retail and restaurant openings.
  • Have a platform that highlights articles and events from other Nashville based publications, and organizations.

Feel free to send me other ideas or events you’d like to see if I don’t cover it and I will try and work it in.  I’m always looking for opportunities to collaborate and partner on things as well. Please subscribe to the page as new posts will be infrequent initially; this is more of a hobby for me but I will at least try and post weekly. I’ll post more about myself later but until then, Enjoy!

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